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    The guys at Bright Green Roof were courteous, professional and efficient. I am so pleased that I went this route, before spending over $10,000 to replace my roof.

    Chris C., LaSalle

    I was expecting to spend $12,000-$15,000 to replace my roof. I honestly did not know there was another option. Anyone on a budget, this is the only way.

    Abdul J., Windsor

    We knew that in the next 5 years, we were looking at $12,000 to replace our roof. We saved about 85% of that and bought ourselves more time.

    Wendy S., Amherstburg

    The service was quicker than I expected with no mess. I highly recommend Bright Green Roof to anyone looking for help with their roof.

    Lisa C., Lasalle

    The roof looked brand new and it’s going to help us avoid the cost of a full roof replacement. We love the idea of helping the environment – in addition to enhancing the appearance of our dental practice. What a great service!

    Dr. Greg Luvisotto , Wyandotte Dental Centre
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