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Roof Repairs & Preservation Near Windsor

At Bright Green Roof, we find that many homeowners don’t actually need a complete roof replacement, and often only require minor repairs or replacement of ridge capping.

After the roof has been repaired or ridge capping replaced, Bright Green Roof can apply the Shingle Rejuvenation treatment to your roof, extending its life while also restoring the roof’s original colour and providing enhanced protection from the elements.

There are a number of signs that can indicate your roof is in need of repair:

  • Broken shingles or shingles that are torn, peeling back, buckling, cracked or missing.

  • A leak from the roof into your home. Damage may have occurred to your interior, including warped spots on your ceiling.

  • Discoloration of your shingles or tiles. They may also look worn out.

  • Damaged flashing on the roof and around the chimney area.

  • Signs of wood rot or mold growth. If this is present, your roof can begin to deteriorate prematurely.

Addressing Issues Early is Critical

It’s important that you address roof issues as soon as you notice that they exist. Homeowners often neglect their roof, thinking a damaged roof is simply an aesthetic problem.

In fact, problems with moisture and air flow can quickly lead to major issues with mold and rot. You can also be inviting pests into your home when your roof is not structurally sound.

Contact Bright Green Roof for assistance with:

  • Roof restoration and cleaning services

  • Inspection and repair for leaks and damage

  • Storm repair

  • Missing or broken shingle replacement

  • Replacement of damaged flashing

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I was expecting to spend $12,000-$15,000 to replace my roof. I honestly did not know there was another option. Anyone on a budget, this is the only way.

Abdul J., Windsor

The guys at Bright Green Roof were courteous, professional and efficient. I am so pleased that I went this route, before spending over $10,000 to replace my roof.

Chris C., LaSalle

We knew that in the next 5 years, we were looking at $12,000 to replace our roof. We saved about 85% of that and bought ourselves more time.

Wendy S., Amherstburg

The roof looked brand new and it’s going to help us avoid the cost of a full roof replacement. We love the idea of helping the environment – in addition to enhancing the appearance of our dental practice. What a great service!

Dr. Greg Luvisotto , Wyandotte Dental Centre

The service was quicker than I expected with no mess. I highly recommend Bright Green Roof to anyone looking for help with their roof.

Lisa C., Lasalle
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