Save Money and the Environment with Sustainable Roof Preservation

Bright Green Roof Windsor is disrupting the roofing industry with an environmentally friendly shingle preservation service.

For homeowners, your roof is your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your house and your family from the elements. Your home is also your largest investment – so it’s important to keep it in good working order.

Unfortunately, the roofing industry doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to sustainability. The average roof produces 3.5 tons of waste. It also takes 200 to 300 years for asphalt shingles to decompose in landfill. Not only is the amount of waste concerning, but the amount of CO2 produced through the manufacturing process is staggering. 1,420 kilograms of CO2 is released into the atmosphere. When you consider that roughly 9,000 roofs are replaced a day in North America, that is a lot of waste.

Plant-Based Shingle Preservation

Bright Green Roof uses a 100 per cent active, plant-based, environmentally friendly oil to preserve your asphalt roof. This isn’t new technology. For 30 years, this type of oil has been used to preserve asphalt roads in the United States.
Asphalt is a petroleum product, which starts out dark and shiny. Over time, the oils in the asphalt dry out. This is how you end up with potholes in the road, and how your roof wears out over time. By having your roof sprayed with this plant-based oil, you are rehydrating it. It’s just like applying lotion to dry, cracked hands.

Homeowners will want to seriously consider this preservation treatment when their roof is between eight and 12 years old. Your roof will start to deteriorate from day one, but around the eight to 12 year mark is when it’s really going to start breaking down in a concerning way. Bright Green Roof has revived roofs as old as 15 years.

In addition to preserving the roof, the solution also creates more rain and snow resistance, preventing serious water damage from ruining your home. Bright Green Roof also offers a five-year guarantee.

Save Your Money

Over the past few years, the roofing industry has suffered through supply chain issues, labour shortages and an increased cost of materials. Bright Green Roof has not. The roof preservation service will cost you approximately one fifth of the cost of re-shingling your roof. In short, as a homeowner, you will save thousands of dollars.

Helping homeowners save money is just one aspect of the business. Bright Green Roof’s biggest goal is to educate people that there is an alternative to roof replacement. We want people to know about the savings, but also that the process is good for the environment. The Windsor team has added one other initiative to their business. For every roof they preserve, they will plant a tree.
Working with Bright Green Roof is a win-win. A win for your wallet and a win for the environment. Make it your Earth Day promise to make your home more sustainable this year.

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